Team Agreement Agile

[…] groups can help overcome rough spots, the social friction that teams experience. If you read Scrum by Example – Team Friction Inspires Working Agreements, you`ll learn to move on […] If you opt for a team work agreement, the most important thing is to make sure that your team is fully involved in the whole process. Make sure it is addressed to all „itchy“ or uncomfortable topics and that the agreement is placed in a place that is easily accessible to the team. Teamwork is such a fundamental part of human experience that one would think that after 200,000 years of human evolution, it would be discovered. Unfortunately, the secret formula for creating large, agile teams always eludes us, and it probably always will, because teams are made up of people – and people are complex and dynamic. Fast forward to March 2020 and the global context has changed dramatically. I bet your team has experienced at least one incident like this in recent weeks. I would also bet that there was little or no shame. Why would there be that? Work agreements describe positive behaviours that are fundamental but often not automatically demonstrated in team processes. An agreement could be, for example: „We all agree to participate fully.“ Agreements are the group`s instrument of power. The elements of the labour agreement should be made public throughout the team process.

The first person I met was the Release Train Engineer (RTE) for one of the ARTs. It was also considered the ultimate person-in-charge for total delivery in the industry. In the first few minutes, the TEN made it clear that the ART was great, and made an exception to the fact that I was sent there without any coordination. She felt, if necessary, that she would provide any agile coaching herself. Listening to him, I suddenly felt a lump in my throat when his words rang in my ears. All the years of my coaching training were gleaming before my eyes. Lyssa Adkins` voice resonated with my ears the importance of explicitly obtaining permission to work with and coach someone. Now that I discovered that no one had coordinated my presence, I didn`t seem to have such permission.

Then an opportunity came for me, and a light appeared at the end of the tunnel; When RTE found out that I was a full-time employee and didn`t have to pay for coaching services, she admitted that it might not hurt if I coached art.