Data Evaluation Agreement

11.2 Restrictions on use and disclosure. You will not use our confidential information unless this Agreement allows it. You agree to keep our confidential confidential information confidential and protect it with at least the same degree of diligence that you use for your own information of the same nature, but at least an appropriate degree of care in all cases. You agree to take all reasonable steps to prevent the unauthorized disclosure of our confidential information, including, but not only, the disclosure of confidential information only to your employees, independent contractors, consultants and legal and financial advisors (together „representative“) (i) with the need to know this information, (ii) parties to appropriate agreements that are sufficient to comply with this section 11 , and (iii) the confidentiality obligations imposed by this section. You are responsible for all the actions and omissions of your representatives. The above obligations do not prevent you from disclosing our confidential information in accordance with the order or application of a jurisdiction, administrative authority or other government authority, provided that you give us an appropriate notification so that we can challenge this injunction or request. The restrictions in this section 11 also apply after the end or expiry of this agreement. 8. GENERAL. The parties are independent contractors and nothing in this agreement is intended to create or establish an agency, partnership or joint venture relationship. All communications under this agreement must be made in writing and sent by international night mail or by certified or registered prepaid U.S.

mail. Neither party may cede, transfer or sublicensing an obligation or benefit of this agreement without the written consent of the other party, and any attempt to do so is nullified; provided, however, that each party can transfer this agreement to a related company or to an acquirer of all or most of the party`s equity, assets or activities, without prior authorization. The inability of one of the contracting parties to assert its rights at any time for a specified period of time should not be construed as a waiver of those rights. This agreement constitutes the whole agreement between the parties and replaces all oral or written proposals, any negotiation, discussion or discussion between or between the parties relating to the purpose of this agreement and all the old business or sectoral habits. In the event of a conflict between a clause in this agreement and other agreements between the parties, this agreement controls and regulates the use of an evaluation product by the customer during the evaluation period and any claims, issues or matters related to it. The customer acknowledges that current purchasing decisions are not made on the basis of the time frames or features described in the statements, demonstrations or presentations, and if Infoblox ever delays or introduces future products, features or extensions, the customer`s current purchasing decisions would not be affected.